Heather Klutznick
Vice President of Investments

Heather is a Wealth Advisor for Trilogy Financial. Prior to taking on this role, she managed one of the largest Trilogy offices nationwide and trained many of the successful managers at Trilogy today. Heather’s management style provided an education and training that empowered the financial professionals to build their careers by assisting their clients through intent listening and understanding that led towards developing their financial goals. Within her own financial planning practice, Heather provides wealth management services to individuals, trusts and corporations.

Heather has over seventeen years experience in the financial services industry, and an education that provides the foundation of knowledge, depth and authority to her financial planning abilities. She graduated in 1990 with a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado.

Prior to joining Trilogy, she was a buyer for Williams-Sonoma in San Francisco, where she managed a $30 million dollar retail catalog and travelled extensively around the world. With diligent effort and dedication, she accepts no limitations for herself, and most importantly, for her clients. Because of Heather’s vast experience, our company, and her clients find great benefit in working with Heather.

Heather and her husband live happily in the Denver Metro area, with their two young boys. She enjoys the great outdoors such as skiing, running, swimming, tennis and helping her sons with their education and sports. Heather has true character and boundless energy which assists her in being a leader, role model, and successful executive.

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