Clayton Cornhall
Financial Advisor

From a young age, Clayton Cornhall has always been involved with and passionate about athletics. The competitive nature of sports is what taught him how to be a team leader and someone that can always be depended on. By leading back to back State Championship teams in water polo, Clayton has seen how placing the highest values on honesty, integrity and loyalty can help lead to the greatest accomplishments. These values have become a basis for how he lives his life and runs his practice. He has the will and determination to overcome any and all challenges that have beset his path in life to reach his goals, including the recovery and survival of being diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis advanced to a termanl state, his Dr.’s explained that they could make him comfortable for about 24 hours because his condition was that far advanced. Clayton has a deep passion for helping others accomplish their goals.

Clayton graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2001 with a BS in Economics with an emphasis in Accounting. He has been involved with the stock market from the age of 12, and knew from an early age that the financial services industry was where he wanted to make his career. Now, Clayton has been with Trilogy ince January of 2007.

Clayton currently lives in Huntington Beach with his family. In his spare time Clayton still enjoys watching and participating in sports, as well as attending concerts. Some of his other interests include studying WWII history, spending time with his family and friends, and making people laugh.



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